Peter Anders created a model that I find quite relevant to my project. This model is called Cyber-Hybrid Spaces, or Cybrid. It is the consequence of when an Actual object, or space, meets one that is ‘Virtual’ and fuses together.

Diagram 1

Using this model he defines three different types of spaces. One in which the Actual is completely separate from the Virtual. One where the Virtual partially ‘leaks’ into the Actual space. And finally, one where the the Actual and the Virtual are completely merged together. This is the space which Peter Anders would describe as a Cybrid Space.

Diagram 2

In my scenario, I guess the video chat is the ‘cybrid’- as it is where an Actual space (where I am) meets the Virtual space on the screen of back home. A similar model to Diagram 2 can be made to show how the two places are brought closer together (having one box as Edinburgh and one being Leicester).